Introduction to Salescamp


Increase your customer engagement rate and Sales. Create a customer experience that is unique to you with Salescamp's customisable sales suite.

Make effective communication with prospects, manage your deals, handle your sales team, track your growth all in one place.


Setup different workspaces according to your product or business in your organization. Learn more about it here.


Collections include four main sections: Contacts, Accounts/Company, Deals and Other types.

  • Contacts include all the leads that you are getting on your website.  Learn more about Contacts.

  • Companies: Companies consist of all the details of your leads’ companies. Learn more about  Companies.

  • Deals manage your opportunities based on the sales stage that you are in. Learn more about deals.

  • Other: It helps you customize a new collection according to your business requirements. Learn more about Other type of collection.

Additionally, we can build a relationship between two or more collections.


Bifurcate your contacts or deals with the help of filters according to your business requirements. Segment your contacts based on the type of leads you get on your websites, such as the country leads are coming from, the status of the leads, etc. Learn more about filters.


Track the activities of contacts and companies chronologically like, Task created, notes, calls and SMS, Emails etc. Learn more about activities.

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Unlock your sales productivity


Drive More Pipeline

Close more opportunities

Achieve Revenue Goals

Generate More revenue

The average sales rep spends 60% of their time on non-selling activities. Salescamp helps sales people sell more without spending more time on non-selling activities