Level Up CRM Pipeline

Track deal stages and Identify potential deals

Sales flow at a glance

Quickly track your sales flow with deal pipeline and identify potential deals for your business

  • Manage your deal pipeline with Salescamp CRM
  • Analyze your sales flow instantly
  • Never miss an opportunity

Customize sales flow

Reduce your deal tracking time by building your customized deal pipeline

  • Save your time
  • Customize your deal pipeline
  • Track your deals


Reduce your deal tracking time by building your customized deal pipeline

  • Grab potential deals
  • Schedule your tasks
  • Level up your deals

Revenue forecasting

Forecast your business growth with Deal pipeline management

  • Track your revenues
  • Schedule your follow-ups
  • Customize your deal flow

What is Deal Pipeline?

It's no secret that every deal is different, and the most important is your timing of handling them- for this reason, you need SalesCamps' Deal management feature. With it, you'll be able to track your opportunities from when you first open them until they're labelled as closed or lost.

Deal Pipeline tool will also allow you to forecast revenue based on the current stage of your deal and see RPA at a glance to focus on those deals in hot water. Overall, the deal pipeline management feature of Salescamp is all you need for managing and tracking your opportunities for all of your accounts.

Advantages of Deal Pipeline

1.Monitor your team's progress
If you want to view the progress made by your team or any specific employee, the deal pipeline is the right choice.

2.Get brief about resources.
Deal Pipeline gives a clear vision of the resources needed.

3.Accurate forecasting
One can forecast the revenue well and can plan things accordingly.

4.Increase in revenue
When you get more clarity over the data and sales, it becomes easy to make decisions that gradually fall towards an increase in revenue.

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