Enhance Customization with Customized CRM Solution

Make your CRM work for you by building it according to your needs

Multiple data collection

Work smoothly with your CRM by customizing collections based on your business needs

  • Segment data from various websites according to your requirements
  • Customize collection based on business needs
  • Work seamlessly
User LogoContacts36 Records
Companies LogoCompanies18 Records
Switch ImageOther38 Records
User ImageNew12 Records
Deal LogoDeals30 Records
Add Collection LogoAdd

Unlimited custom fields

With unlimited custom fields, collect and maintain data as per your business needs

  • Customize data forms
  • Get unlimited data fields
  • Get right leads

Customize customer status

Utilize your time efficiently by separating your leads with different statuses

  • Customize status based on leads
  • Customize your fields
  • Save time by dealing with quality leads only

Customize activity types

Collect perfect leads by building your data forms as per your requirements and work smoothly

  • Enhance productivity with calls
  • Schedule your meetings
  • Never miss a call


Automate your CRM by segmenting leads according to business needs

  • Divide your leads
  • Qualify leads as potential, bad fit, etc
  • Fast track growth with segmentation


Collect perfect leads by building your data forms as per your requirements and work smoothly

  • Make Time-based invoices from tasks
  • Make Cash Invoices & for cash transactions
  • Track past due invoices and receivables

What is Customization?

Customization is like using ingredients as per your desire to make your favourite dish. From the palate to the spices and every ingredient in between, you determine what goes into your CRM.

At Salescamp, we provide you with absolute customization privileges. You can customize it as per your need, from minimal changes to extreme high-end Customized CRM Solutions. Customize data fields or create custom hierarchies for statuses or even create a different path through the workflow if that better suits your company's needs. You can customize Salescamp CRM for every small to large business.

Advantages of Customization

Increase productivity, saves time, reduced cost, better insights, personalization, etc.

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