Lead Management Software

Smartly manage your leads with automation, technology, and simple design.

Automate your lead generation.

The lead generation becomes easier by integrating any applications with Salescamp.It collects accurate leads quickly and securely.

  • Quick hassle free lead collection
  • Collect right leads from reliable applications
  • Unite with 1000+ applications
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Lead management tool

Better communicate

Communicate easily with your team and customers directly from the lead management system to save your time.

  • Convenient internal team communication using activities
  • Direct Email, Call & SMS to customer
  • Join with customers straight on social media
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sales lead management software

Set activity & goals

Assign activities or tasks to your teams and manage leads smartly to get success in business deals.

  • Achieve your targets consistently.
  • Manage workload with the team efficiently.
  • Monitor your deadlines.
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Lead management system

Manage accounts

Manage your accounts with advanced filtrations and automation.

  • Divide your customers with different tags
  • Identify your hot leads.
  • Analyze your daily calls and emails
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Lead management software for small business


Build personal relations with customers by managing their accounts.

  • Manage your communication with segmentation
  • Fast Track Email, Call & SMS to customer
  • Know your customers better with social media
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sales lead management software


Get your data directly to your CRM with web forms.

  • Never miss a lead.
  • Generate potential leads from the comfort of your home.
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What is lead management?

If you are someone from sales and marketing, you might have come across this glorifying term Lead Management! Of course, the word itself says management of leads. But is it that simple?


You can think of the Lead Management Tool as the monitor of the class. The one who checks the homework, updates other representatives regarding their tasks, represents issues in front of teachers, and does a lot more. Same way, Sales Lead Management Software is the monitor for every small to large business. It keeps an eye on pending followups, related task updates, qualifies leads, manages their status, manages different accounts, automates the lead generation, enables better communication, takes care of goals and activities, etc.

Advantages of Lead Tracking Software

User Friendly, Cost-Effective, Saves Time, Enhance Communication, Better Engagement, Easy Lead Nurturing, Automation Facilities, etc.