Sales Reporting

Enjoy business growth by making valuable and quick decisions.

Visual data representation

Quickly understand and predict your business growth with graphical sales reporting.

  • Graphical sales representation
  • Faster sales judgement
  • Quick future prediction
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Understand the performance of sales

Prepare your sales report with valuable data on sales performance to have a positive impact on your business.

  • Quickly judge your sales team performance
  • The better decision of sales task management
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Personalized dashboard

Track your own sales data with your dashboard and make perfect decisions.

  • Graphical sales data representation
  • Track your personal sales activities
  • Get faster sales decision
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Advanced activity reports

Track all your sales activities in one place and identify the better customer for your business.

  • Track your email communication
  • Easily identify potential customer
  • Manage your call activities
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Deep call summary

Track your sales call perfectly and profoundly. Then, identify the best customer using a call summary.

  • Track every single call summary at one place
  • Identify potential customers in minutes
  • Assign call tasks to your best salesperson
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Deal status flowchart

Get a perfect idea of deal status by flowcharts. Then, take quick and perfect sales decisions to close deals with success.

  • Easy and Customizable flow chart
  • Focus only on potential customers
  • Find the qualified customer in minutes and save time
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