Sales Analytics Software

Enjoy business growth by making valuable and quick decisions.

Visual data representation

Quickly understand and predict your business growth with graphical sales reporting.

  • Present your sales effectively.
  • Sales analytics at a glance.
  • Predict future sales.

Understand the performance of sales

Prepare your sales report with valuable data on sales performance to have a positive impact on your business.

  • Quickly assess your sales team accomplishment
  • Take more informed decisions with sales analytics software.

Personalized dashboard

Track your own sales data with your dashboard and make perfect decisions.

  • Represent sales with handy graphs
  • Be aligned with sales activities
  • Make faster sales decisions

Advanced activity reports

Track all your sales activities in one place and identify the better customer for your business.

  • Never miss an important email.
  • Get your potential customers.
  • Engage with customers through call activities

Deep call summary

Track your sales call perfectly and profoundly. Then, identify the best customer using a call summary.

  • Track all call summaries.
  • Recognize potential clients in minutes
  • Assign tasks easily to your salesperson.

Deal status flowchart

Get a perfect idea of deal status by flowcharts. Then, take quick and perfect sales decisions to close deals with success.

  • Customize your deal flowchart.
  • Pay more attention to potential customers.
  • Save time with quick deal representation.

What is Sales Reporting?

As the term itself dictates that it is something concerned about sales. Now, what this Sales Reporting exactly is! Let's see.

You can think of Sales Analytics Software as a genie managing your sales. It is a one-stop solution for all your sales needs. Even without the help of any salesperson, anyone can straightforwardly view the sales results and get the performance. It makes sales representation handy enough to manage. Furthermore, it FasTracks the sales analytics report generation with clear and concise data.

Within seconds you can review your company's overall sales history, which is an asset for growth. In addition, advanced activity reports save you from missing an important email—the profound call summary to keep you aware of your loyal customers—a quick deal status flowchart to keep you aware of your customer's status.

Salescamp reporting tool for CRM bestows you with all of these fantastic features. So get your demo today and avail the best sales analytic tool and ease your sales.

Advantages of Sales Reporting

Sales Analysis, Product Analysis, Customer Analysis, Strategies Analysis, Sale Analysis, Deal Analysis, etc.

Unlock your sales productivity


Increase Productivity

Save more hours a week

Drive More Pipeline

Close more opportunities

Achieve Revenue Goals

Generate More revenue
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Simplicity is key. This is what Salescamp does very good, while offering all features needed for effective sales tool.I would like to see more integrations with our marketing tooling

The best part about Salescamp is that it not only provides all the functionalities required for the sales team abut also it is very user friendly and easy to adapte.


CEO, Acme Corporation

This has a lot of features that you would want in a CRM.  There is so much value in the fact that you don't have to be married to a telephony service. When you click to call it will give the option to call with the existing soft phone on your computer.

Simple, minimal, clean. I was up and running in minutes with 7 team members in less than 10 minutes. Transparent product RoadMap, it's good to be a part of the journey. They have a long way to go.

Sayanta b

Manager, Treva Agency

“I was a bit skeptical at first, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how easy and also powerful Salescamp is. It's great for creating your customer lists, creating, tracking and managing deals, following the pipeline, and messaging leads. It has all features of a premium crm.

The best thing is that it works intuitively, I like to be in my sales dashboard, it is not overwhelming like some others. There are some minor bugs here and there, but get fixed rapidly too.”


CEO, Aven Technologies
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