Email Sync

Engage with your clients by personalized emails

2 - way mail syncing

Smartly communicate with leads by sending and receiving emails directly from Salescamp

  • Accelerate your email communication
  • Sync your emails with handy CRM
  • Stay on top of all your prospects at one place

Email tracking & insights

Faster communication with prospects and clients using saved email templates to save time and get success in a business deal

  • Speed up your communication
  • More than 30 best templates for emails
  • Increase your productivity and save time

Send bulk email

Super-charge your sales and marketing efforts by sending emails to thousands of prospects at once

  • Make communication faster and more effective
  • Send your bulk emails easily withSalescamp for email management
  • Mark, your potential clients

Email sequence

Timely deliver your emails to clients with email sequencing and engage with prospects at the correct time

  • Deliver your emails on time
  • Automate your emails
  • Improve your customer engagement rate

Email templates

Make your communication easier and more manageable by using email templates

  • Speed up your communication
  • Customize your emails for specific tasks
  • Customize over 30 email templates

Scheduling email

Don't miss any opportunity by scheduling your emails for timely delivery

  • Maintain your timely invoices
  • Never miss an email
  • Achieve your mail targets every day

What is Email Integration?

Email integration involves using email marketing tools to develop robust marketing methods.

CRM software is one way to integrate your emails for a more effective marketing strategy. In addition, it enables you to receive timely updates straight to your device, customize standard email templates, send bulk emails, schedule your emails and even sequence it.

Integrate with Salescamp CRM and reduce your time to switch over mails.

Advantages of Email Integration

Cost-effective, easy-breezy, hassle-free, efficient, user-friendly, saves time.

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