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Take control of your campaigns

Campaigns are a great way to reach the masses, but they can be difficult to accurately measure and quantify. Salescamp CRM integrates with any email provider you choose, allowing you to set up automated email campaigns for everything

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Keep the conversation going

You put your heart and soul into the first few months to win that customer and sign up the project.

So, how do you engage with them from time to time to build trust and comfort? Like Aaron Levy, the Director of Paid Search at Elite SEM puts it, one of the key strategies to keeping clients engaged is to “be their best friends! Learn their birthdays, their kids' names and best of all


Automate your tasks

One of the key challenges agencies face is, they often don’t have a separate sales or business development team and a customer servicing team. Often, the same team that services the customer has to manage sales as well.

An advertising and media agency CRM software can reduce the time you invest in such tasks with workflow automations.


Discover and evaluate your prospects

While a winning pitch could make or break a deal with your prospect, what’s also important is to understand their business, and gain insights into what exactly they are looking for from your agency.

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How can Salescamp CRM add value to your real estate business?

Customized Pipelines

Service customers on the go

Don’t let your laptop or desktop hold you back. Access all functionalities of an agency CRM from anywhere, any time with the Freshsales mobile app.

Insightful Analytics

Customize your CRM with integrations

Choose from a host of apps like Zapier, MailChimp, Segment, and Google Apps for work to integrate with your CRM.

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Qualify leads with lead scoring

Rank your leads as hot, warm, or cold and assign scores for each lead depending on how they engage with your business.


If your CRM is a wheel, the apps you integrate into it are the spokes that support it.

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