Basic of Contacts

Contact type collection is the best fit for managing a list of individuals, ex: b2c customers data, candidates data, partners data.Contacts include all the leads that you get on your website through web forms and other integrated apps. It contains some pre-set attributes, which is very handy when interacting with leads. Following are some of the attributes that you would find for any contacts:

  • Status: Status helps you qualify a lead into a customer. To learn more about it click on Status.

  • Follow-up Date: It provides you with the facility to assign a follow-up date to any of the leads.  The team will be notified of the event on the follow-up date.

  • Assigned To: Assign your leads to any member. They will get notified and will be able to access these contacts.

  • Tags: Tags can be used for separating leads from one to another, like you can separate them according to the location, industry type, etc. This will also help you in setting the filters for collection. You can customize new tags according to your business requirements.

Relation with other collection

Create relations with other collections, you can connect deals with any contact. For example, You can check what all projects are going on for a particular contact. Click on a deal for that particular contact, then click on the deals shown and you will be redirected to that project.

Likewise, deals can also be connected with your leads’ company.

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