Track the activities of contacts and companies chronologically like, Task created, notes, calls and SMS, Emails etc.

Create activities for any contact, go to any contact, click on Add activity, create on the activity that you want to create and click on save.

  • Meeting: Sync your calendar with the Salescamp meeting. Create meetings directly through Salescamp. Learn more about meetings.

  • Notes: Maintain notes for any particular account, for example, team size, the industry they are dealing in, etc. Learn more about Notes.

  • Comments: Comment on any activity performed for any contact. The member who have access to that contact’s collection can see the comment. Learn more about comments.

  • Call and SMS: Call or SMS any particular lead, directly through Salescamp. Learn more about Call and SMS.

  • Email: Connect with leads on the email directly through Salescamp. Learn more about Email.

  • Call Log: Maintain a written log about the conversation in the call.

  • File Upload: Upload files related to a particular lead or company in their contacts and manage it easily.

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