5 Tips on Sales Pre-Call Plan and Benefits: Convert Client into Happy Customer

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What if you go to buy something at a grocery store and forget what you want to buy?

The same happens when you don't prepare for a sales pre-call.

Though you know what you want to talk about, it's essential to have a full-fledged sales call plan to execute things appropriately. Now, what does this sales pre-call planning include? How does it help? What are the challenges faced without a sales pre-call plan and much more?

We will address all these points step by step. So let's get into this.

Firstly let's check why a sales pre-call plan is vital for any business or business owner and how it aids?

Sales Pre-call plan inculcates confidence and bestows you to prepare better, which makes it a sustainable choice. Without a sales plan, converting a lead into a customer gets quite challenging, and one appears to be less prepared. And no one wants to seem like that. So get in touch with us through the contact section.

In this fast-paced world with tons of advice and ideas, it is necessary to configure the best sales plan. And we are here to make your ride smooth and happy.

Sales Pre-Call Plan to Winning Leads with Five Foremost Steps

1. Analyze the business, prospect, and competitors

You can't work with one unless you have the complete information about them. For example, if you know what the business does and how it functions? What is their unique selling point? Then you can be more relevant while offering them your product or service. You can be up to the mark and can advise better if you have the above information. Now you might have a question: what role does competition play in pre-sales calls?

If you research well, you present well. You can be more precise while offering the solutions with the knowledge of the market. If you are thorough with the business and its competitors, you can provide reliable solutions to improve and prepare accordingly. To be straightforward, when you have an idea about your prospect, you can develop a better base for the pre-sales call, which can benefit you in pre-sales call preparation. And that is the reason to analyze a prospect and its history, which includes a prospect corporate life chart like the prospect's initial business or job and what responsibilities they had, Do you share any mutual connections or not, etc.

2. Be sure with the objective and prepare accordingly for pre-call

It is imperative to have a rough idea of the objective of the call to crack any deal. Some of the top topics that you must pay keen attention to include:

What are the benefits that your prospect can get from your product or service, what are the challenges you can solve? What is the information that you desire from the client? What is the budget they have? What are they exactly looking for?

And once you are done with objectives, try to figure out what best you can offer at competitive prices? Prepare your industry-specific sales deck pitch, be handy with demos if essential, be confident with your business presentation, practical strategies, innovative solutions, etc.

3. Frame your goals

What you desire from the prospect. Do you want them to try your product? Do you want them to reserve a demo? Do you want them to schedule the next call with you? Or do you want them to opt for the next sales step? Or you want them to purchase your product or service. The sole purpose of the call is decided under this particular step.

4. Don't over-prepare

Only go through the information required. When you go over pre-call preparation, you lose the vital information that the client wants to share as you will speak more and listen less in desperation to talk. When you listen more, you tailor better. And the client gets a feeling that you are listening and are interested in the deal.

While if you go chattering like a robot, you will appear that you are in a hurry and lack listening skills which is a wrong impression for any salesperson.

5. Instant action, earlier transaction

When I say this, I mean that once you are done with the call, don't be lazy to share the details requested or don't fail to schedule a demo timely. As your delay can appear like ignorance and you can lose the deal. Also, it's pretty apparent to crack a deal when you reply earliest with the desired material.

Sales Pre-Call Plan Example and Flow

Greetings to you, Mr. White,

I have a few great strategies to provide you with top solutions to your sales issues. I came to know via LinkedIn that you are looking for someone who can expand your business. I guess I can help you with this. May I?

Pre-Call Plan Benefits

  • Enhances Confidence-When you know better, you deal like a pro which is the greatest asset for any sales.

  • Gives Clarity-More clarity leads to precise results. Be clear enough with your vision and provide an appropriate solution to clients to approach you in the future too.

  • Deep Information-Get all your queries resolved with the correct information from the client.

  • Better Conversion-When your prospects trust you, they deal with you. Your prospects will market your product or service to others too if they find it worthy.

To conclude, if you want to master sales charm, you need to be eager to learn new sales tactics and practice them accordingly. In addition, Practice leads to concise research; research leads to better information, information leads to appropriate analytic, analytics leads to more engagement, engagement leads to high conversion, and high conversion leads to top sales results.

I hope this will add value to your next pre-sales call approach.

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