Six ways to generate potential leads to maximize your sales!

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Lead generation is the first stage for every B2B sale. 

There are multiple ways to generate leads but important is how effective the method you choose! If you are getting various leads but not of desired quality, it’s a waste of time and money. On the other hand, if you will adequately invest your money, it’s easy to generate good quality leads.

In my experience at Salescamp, we experimented with more than 25 ways to generate leads, and out of that all courses, I have found six methods that have had a positive impact on my sales.

‍These are the six practical ways to generate potential leads, which includes:

  1. Paid Ads (Facebook, Google, etc.)

  2. Social media Marketing

  3. SEO

  4. Blogging

  5. Buy Leads

  6. Online forums

1. Paid Ads (Facebook, Google, etc.)

Paid ads are the most powerful and faster way to generate potential leads. Why?  Because It allows you to create ads as per your business and customer you want in your platform, if you develop ads ideally, you will get the leads who want to buy a product, and the chances to convert them into a customer are very high. This way purely depends on your budget and how much money you are investing in ads. 

2. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a long-term way to generates leads. It can help you to create your brand on social media. Once your brand gets acknowledged in social media, it’s easy to get potential leads from social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Quora, etc.

‍This way depends on how you are doing marketing on social media. Your content, Images, Videos, etc., play an essential role in marketing in social media.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO does not directly help generate leads, but It helps get potential leads by being present at the top of the Google search result.

It depends on the keywords and content of your website. If your keywords and content are powerful for Google search results, your chances of being present on top of the Google search result are high. SEO is also a long-term beneficial way to generate potential leads.

4. Blogging

Blogging helps you to create your brand on the internet. The practical content of your blogs directly hits the mind of the readers and allows them to understand your product more accurately.

Once your blogs get popular among readers and help them solve their problems, you will get high traffic in your product through blogs.Blogging is completely free and very much effective for long-term goals and popularity in brands.

5. Buy Leads

Buying leads is also an effective and faster way to get potential leads. There are multiple platforms available on the internet which can work for you and provide you good quality leads. 

‍This way also depends on your budget and how much money you are investing in. But you will get potential leads if you buy it from good platforms.

6. Online forums

Online forums are also a powerful way to generate leads. Online forums like Shopify, Webflow, etc., helps you to get connected with the forum members, and by sharing your product with them, you can reach potential leads easily.

This way is also completely free and faster. To simplify the lead management process, you can use CRM (customer relationship management). 

Salescamp CRM can be the best option to get started; it’s free and easy to use. If you have any questions about setting up this process, you can comment or reach out to us at

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