What are B2B sales and their effective process & technique?

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Sales a word itself says many things like, What to sell? Whom to sell? Where to sell? How to sell? Right? Yes, If you are thinking about all these questions, you have some product/service capable of solving someone’s problem. 

‍ But do you know who your target customers are? 

Are you selling to any individuals or any company? 

If you are planning to sell your product/service to any company, you will do B2B sell. Yes, B2B sales is a technique where one company does business with another by selling products/services. In B2B sales, one company is selling its product to the entire company means that the product is capable of solving the whole company’s problem, not any particular person’s problem.

‍For B2B sales, every process & technique is helpful but not for everyone.It depends on the product, market, and Buyer’s need. Yes, the Buyer’s need is the most critical part of B2B sales or any sales. As mentioned, all the processes & techniques are not for everyone, but the main strategies & techniques are necessary for everyone. which are,

  1. Research

  2. Planning

  3. Execution

  4. Improvement

1. Research

In B2B sales, everyone knows which problem they will solve for the company but where to find this company that needs your product? How to find the best suitable customers who can buy your product? 

The only way to answer these questions is to research. Do deep research about your prospects and identify at least 100 prospects who are really in need of your product. Once the list gets ready, it’s time to do the planning.

2. Planning

Now the question is how to reach out to these target prospects? How to tell them we have the solution to their problem? 

Yes, If they are in a problem means they are finding the answer. 

Just identify where they are finding the solution. Prepare a list of all the possible platforms where your customers are finding the answers. (For example, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, News Ads) Also, find the contact details of your prospects. Contact details like emails, phone numbers are essential for sales. Now make one strategy for the few days(For example, ten days) to reach out to these prospects using emails, phone numbers, and other platforms. Discuss every possible strategy with the team and find the best possible ways to reach out to prospects.

3. Execution

Now it’s time to take action. First, execute everything you have decided to reach out to your prospects. Make phone calls, send emails, post your solutions on social media, etc., and try to convince them that you have the solution for their problem.

Do everything you planned for the days you have decided.

4. Improvement

Now you have some data about sales. You have executed your planning for the days which you have decided. Now seat with your team and analyze the data. For example, how many prospects responded to your call or email? How many prospects visited your platform? How many are interested in your service, and how many are buying your service?

‍Analyze every data and your questions about sales. If the result is positive, then start repeating this process and increase the target audience list. If the result is unsatisfactory, analyze the customer, recheck your product, and make another strategy.

In sales, you are not selling a product/service; You are selling a solution. And the best solution always wins.

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