How to Win New Customers with Lead Generation Tactics?

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You might have heard this term called lead Generation. But what exactly is it? First, we will talk about Lead Generation, its related strategies, how it works, one by one.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is an effective way of attracting prospects with new industry-specific strategies to acquire your product or service. Well, if you are assuming that any strategy will work instantly, then you are wrong. It can either take a day, a month, or a year too. 

How to Plan Lead Generation Strategies?

Well, this is a significant question that might arise to any individual while planning for lead generation. Therefore, before preparing for lead generation, make sure that your strategy satisfies the below-mentioned points: 

  1. It is unique. If you are offering the same thing that can be acquired in seconds from the internet, why will anyone pick you to serve them? 

  1. Make sure your strategy is relevant. As there is a different medicine for different diseases, there is a different approach for every business. Therefore, something which works and provides a dollar for one business might not even result in a penny for another. 

  1. Keep it simple. Simple is easy to learn. Optimize your strategy in a way that anyone from your sales team can easily understand and apply. 

 Now when we are familiar with lead generation.  

Let's See How Lead Generation Works?

As you know, lead Generation is the cycle of generating leads. Simple, right? No, it's not even that easy. Suppose you want to catch mice. So what is the primary thing you need for that? A target! 

The same goes for lead generation. You need a target to tempt your prospects to attract leads, and we name that target as a lead magnet! Now there is no rocket science in the lead magnet. A lead magnet can be anything. It can be a free subscription, a demo, a free consultation, a newsletter, an attractive feature, a goody, a coupon, or any offer or service adding value to your prospect's business. 

But one thing you should pay attention to while choosing any lead magnet is that your primary motive is to collect essential contact information of your clients through a lead magnet. You might be curious why we need this contact information, as we do not want to stop with lead generation.  

Instead, our goal is to make a sale, and for that, you require the prospect's contact information to reach them so that you can understand them better and aid them with the best reliable solutions at competitive prices. 

Well, we know you are now ready to kickstart your lead generation process. But confused about how to start? So let me make that easy for you. We have some top lead magnet ideas for your business. So Let's have a look at each of them. 

As you might have heard, that content is the king. It is a top lead magnet. Now, what is this content? The content is anything that provides some information regardless of the format. To be more specific, tailor anything specific based on your prospect's interest and demand and then market it with the help of your sales and marketing team. 

Top 11 Attractive Lead Magnets 

1. Whitepaper

The whitepaper is a doc depicting unique ideas, perspectives, or particular advice for your customers. For example, suppose your prospects are a salesperson, and you want to sell them your Sales CRM for lead management, then you can provide them with ideas regarding how to boost sales? How to write a compelling Call To Action? How to close a deal as a win-win? How to write a sales follow-up email for potential customers etc. It is essential to educate your audience to win the deal. One will never buy from you if they don't trust you.  

2. Personalized Emails

Bless your high-quality leads with customized emails providing solutions to their pain points. In a business where sales leads face new challenges every day, personalized lead-based emails are the best choice. For example, if your lead is confused about the sales funnel, let them know what the sales funnel is? How do the sales funnel work? How can they make an effective sales funnel? What are the points they should consider to improve their sales? 

3. Webinar

Webinars give an option to indulge and engage better with customers. It even aids in introducing your product or service to customers. Through webinars, one can provide instant solutions to a prospect's needs. Suppose, after being aware of your product or service, a customer gets interested in it and has some queries related to it? So what will be better is face-to-face communication? 

Or mail? A one-to-one conversation, and that's what webinars do. It is observed that webinars outrank the other lead magnets, often providing an instant Call To Action. Apart from that, webinars are great for networking and help emerge better in front of prospects. 

4. Ebook

Ebooks, or we can name it as a mini-guide. A mini-guide is just like the hard copy you use to acquire information regarding your favorite topic. An ebook is a digital book related to a specific topic. Giving ebooks for free is one of the fantastic ideas to get contact information. You might have seen certain websites providing free ebooks in exchange for your contact information via email as a lead magnet to capture potential clients. Now you might be wondering why anyone will opt for your ebook? Well, it's pretty simple: If you provide an ebook on something for free which is not available easily by googling or is a paid service by other business owners, then anyone will choose you. 

5. Free Subscription 

You know everyone loves free things. Your grandma loves free coriander provided on buying spinach more than spinach. A free subscription is more like an investment. See if someone chooses your free subscription service that means they need your product or service but are not sure about it. Giving them a free subscription is like providing them a test drive so that they can buy your car in the future. 

6. Free Demo 

Now you might be confused between the free trial and free demo. A free demo is when you show a customer how your product works? What are the features that your product provides? While the free trial is where you give the trial, and your customer understands and learns it on their own. During a free demo, your prospect can directly clear their queries, while one can't get the queries resolved instantly during a free trial. Before going for a free demo, both potential clients and sales reps should plan their questionnaires. The client should be ready with questions like what are the fantastic features? What are the unique functionalities? What will be the cost, etc? While sales reps should list questions like what are the pain points? What is the budget? Etc. 

7. Access to a Private Group

Networking is necessary to secure a place in the corporate world. When you provide access to a private group to a prospect for free, you add value to their business with your tips and tricks. It even aids by offering insights about their pain points which is an added benefit for your company. Furthermore, you can share helpful tools with them to engage them more. This will give them a feeling of security and boost trust, which will bestow you in expanding your business. 

8. Case Studies

People don't believe in magic unless they see the magic. And that's what case studies do! You can take real customers' data and stories for case studies and showcase them in the form of a story with their permission. For example, suppose Peter Kanvisky from Marketing Sector approaches a Digital Marketing agency for their branding and marketing and achieves high-end results. The concerned digital marketing firm can now use the data and success story of Peter Kanvisky's company as a case study and highlight it to Lara Jean, their new prospect. 

9. Topic-Based Presentations

In this world where time is a significant constraint, ppts are the easiest way to learn or brush up on any topic. You can share effective ppts with your leads through emails or other social networks for marketing. Before sharing ppts for scoring leads, remember that your content should be concise, curated, and up to the mark to make a lasting impression. Go for industry-specific topics and answer their frequently asked questions in the easiest way. Your ppt should be engaging, readable, reliable, and should state facts. 

10. Email Course 

An email course is a great lead magnet option. It is convenient as well as easy. As per the statistics, it is observed that email courses have emerged as one of the great lead magnets for most businesses. Email courses are best for conversion rates. Email courses are short courses from 1 to 15+ emails. It is quite a great way to generate revenue. In comparison to ebooks, email courses take less space and are easy to share. 

11. Templates

As most of us are time-bound, templates are easy and convenient to use. For example, if you are dealing with a sales rep, sales follow-up templates as a lead magnet are an attractive option. You can frame templates on any topic. Suppose that Pinto John is a sales manager who has to send 1000+ emails every day, then templates are the most appropriate for him. Templates allow customizing them in any way and act as a flowchart for any beginner. Framing templates require excellent market research to analyze the audience's taste, need, and choice. Templates are a great way to attract traffic and acquire information. 

I hope this will help you draft the best lead magnet strategy for your next lead generation campaign. In case of any queries, feel free to reach us via the contact section. 


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