Cold Calling Techniques - The Ultimate Master Card of Sales!

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Do you remember when every small to the big organisation used to share pamphlets for their marketing and advertising? Cold Calls are one kind of modern-day pamphlet, you can say. In general, you approach a stranger with the desire to sell your product or service via a call. It’s called cold calling. Cold calling is an immediate reach where the rep can directly collaborate with the potential lead. It saves time which makes it the ultimate option and reason to choose.

Here we will see further some relevant topmost cold calling techniques that work, cold calling strategies, how business to business cold calling affects sales, etc.

So let’s begin.

As per the general review from an experienced sales rep, cold calling outranks other sales strategies as it develops a real-time human connection. One can exchange the required information without hassle, which is an asset for any business to speed up the process. And that’s why cold calling is one of the most effective strategies. Apart from this, it helps in making more informed decisions under limited time.

Suppose you are approaching a client for a long time, and later you come to know they are not interested. While when you go for a cold call, you get instant feedback regarding their interest and need. So cold calling is better when you can make that happen.

How cold calling techniques can aid you in your B2B sale?

So let me clear your doubts about that!

  • You can get a clear idea about your target audience and their interest in cold calling.

  • Get an insight into the market within seconds with cold calling statistics.

  • You can brush up your sales skills with cold calling and can acquire new ones based on trends.

  • Increased conversion rate. The probability of getting more conversions becomes high with cold calling.

Golden tips that accelerate your cold call

We have listed a few golden tips that can accelerate your cold call based on our expertise and research. So let’s see each one by one

1. Know your potential lead completely

How can you offer them a relevant solution if you don’t have pertinent information about your potential client? It’s next to impossible. So it's vital to know your client entirely before you approach them. When you know better, you serve better.

2. Observe their sales statistics

If you are approaching the same lead, you have closed before then, observing their previous sale is better. You can figure out their last comments and feedback and can come up with the improvements. Here you can also take the help of the sales rep that closed the deal with them.

3. Strong research skills

Make sure that you research well before approaching. Any negative or wrong information can turn out in a total disaster which is not preferable.

Be consistent with the problem shared. Don’t go off track. For example, if a client needs a solution for project management and you provide the lead management solution, it's a total waste.

4. Power of social media

Social Media is the best way to get information regarding anything. No matter what the domain or industry is, social media is the best to get information about any potential client or competitors. So use it for your best and discuss a little about it.

5. Know when to call someone

The right call at the wrong time can make you lose the potential deal. So be precise with the timings. Never approach a lead in off-timings like after working hours, holidays, etc., because it's prompted that they won't receive or hang up.

6. Plan a grand opening and lead the conversation

You might have heard that the first impression is the last. However, if you can keep the client’s attention that means you can take the client at least to the next step.

7. Consider Using a Script

It’s better to have a script handy to keep the conversation fluent. Also, make sure you keep the required documents and presentations necessary for the call. It helps to maintain goodwill and gives clients a feeling that you are aware of the industry.

8. Most common objections

Be ready with the answers to common objections and questions. It’s better to be prepared than to fumble. When you prepare well, you present well. Your preparation reflects in your confidence.

9. Practice makes perfect

It’s pretty obvious to make mistakes in your first 100 cold calls, but you will learn and improve gradually. Specific good, as well as bad experiences, will drive you towards the best experience. So don’t get disheartened by the failures at starting when you start with a cold call. It’s a part of the process.

10. Keep count of the time of the call

Suppose a potential lead stays on a call with you for 10-20 minutes; that means they are interested and might jump to the next sales step. Most sales professionals under 3-4 minutes conclude whether they will close a particular client or not.

11. Don't try to make the sale on the first call

Can you directly learn spellings without learning the alphabet? Definitely no! The same goes for sales. Until you know the prospect properly, how you can think converting them, it's impossible. So instead of selling on the first cold call, try to develop a base of conversation, and then after 2-3 cold calls, approach them with your solution relevant to their problem.

12. Listen to what they have to say

As per the statistics, all better sales professionals have to be better listeners first. If you can’t be a better listener, you can never sell something. Listen to their problems, listen to their approach and hear what they exactly want and then approach accordingly. When you go blindly in sales, you waste time.

13. Important to follow up

Jim had a cold call with Mr White regarding his CRM products features, and Mr White told him to organize the demo after a week. Unfortunately, a week passed, and Jim forgot to follow up. While Sam, the other sales competitor of Jim, approached Mr White and organized a proper demo after the conversation. On account of this, Sam got the project while Jim missed the golden opportunity. This happens many times in sales. If you don’t follow up appropriately at the appropriate time, you slip the deal.

14. Don’t see rejection as a bad thing and then try again

Rejections are stepping stones for sales. No one becomes a master in sales overnight. It requires a lot of patience and dedication. Just follow the proper steps and progress slowly with baby steps, and that will help you achieve boundaries in sales.

These were a few cold calling tips that we believe can drive your sale to the next level. Cold calling is dead is just a myth. But, it’s still healthy enough for any developing business. For more sales regarding tips and tricks, join Salescamp blog today.

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