Best resources on the internet for Cold Calling

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Cold Calling is one of the most traditional ways to reach out to the prospective customer and directly find out whether he is the right fit for your product/service.

There are several gigabytes of content available on the internet. It is overwhelming for a newbie to get started.  At the time of publishing this blog, the internet had at least 1000 uniques pieces of information to master the art of cold-calling. However, we have shortlisted ideas that have inspired us the most, that have stood out from the crowd and set a higher benchmark in our processes.They are the pieces of content that we share internally in our team. We would love to hear your feedback.PS: None of the content is sponsored.


Grant Cardone's youtube content is the best place to get started. Reddit folks give unique insights on specific questions you have. IMHO, Quora content is worth skipping because most of the content is mediocre at best.

Best YouTube Video:

While there are too many videos giving tips about the psychology, the suitable script, the perfect 10-15 seconds to break into the call, what amazed us about Grant Cardone's video is his professionalism in handling the call.Professionalism is one of the most underrated aspects of cold-calling, and his videos are the epitome of this virtue. His sentences ooze an admirable level of confidence, empathy and customer success which every salesperson must try to achieve.

Actual live sales call sales training

The best tips for professional sales people

  • Pro tip: Use the' Tags’ feature in www.salescamp.app to read your customer and qualify him

Best podcast:

Listen to Episode #123 Cold Calling is not a Numbers Game with David Walter from show Sales Transformation - season - 1 on gaana

David Walter's claim to fame was 15 appointments a day, every day for six months. He talks about manifesting the goal, reading the customer and his secret sauce to fame. It is also available on Spotify.

Best Reddit thread:


Best Quora Answer:

Meh, we did not find anything that is worth your time.

Good YouTube video:

‍How to nail The First 20 Seconds of A Cold Call

This video focuses on managing the first 10-20 seconds of the sales call. The right sentences to use in the first few lines make a humongous difference.

Good podcast:

Episode 25-The Best Way to start a cold call-in sales

Good  Reddit answer:

https://www.reddit.com/r/sales/comments/reqlcx/question_about_cold_calling/So, we like this thread because it emphasises that the ultimate purpose of cold-calling is to qualify the lead - i.e. understanding whether he is a potential customer right now or not?

Wondering what a detailed pre-Sales call plan looks like?

A detailed blog here: https://www.salescamp.app/blogs/sales-pre-call-plan


Cold Calling's usefulness is sometimes questioned, as the activity is time demanding, and negative responses typically outnumber positive ones. On the other hand, Cold Calling has advantages such as rapid feedback, a personal connection, a decreased risk of being rejected, and accessibility. In addition, it is a reasonably inexpensive technique for newer businesses to enlighten potential clients and generate leads.So, good luck with the newfound tools that you have.Happy selling, and congratulations on closing.

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