Top 10 signs you should leave your Sales job

Top 10 signs you should leave your Sales job

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Often people have had the urge of just being Walter Mitty and leaving their jobs to undertake their passion.  

From the perspective of the sales industry, it is absolutely possible for people to get fed up with long sales cycle, sky high targets and/or rude customers or bosses. Also, people get bored. People do not feel valued enough.  

These are some of the common reasons presented out of the countless templates of excuses to leave their sales jobs. Not everyone might agree with your perspective and might oppose it. However, it is important to note that leaving the job does not symbolize quitting.  

According to Christie Lindor, a management consultant, people do not leave companies or institutions but rather the organizational cultures. There is a whole bunch of reasons responsible for causing this shift in thinking.  

Top 9 of them are discussed below:

There exists unapologetic Discrimination:

A very common problem faced by employees across the world is that preferences based on caste, gender, religion, color is illegitimate in itself and when it is expressed publicly, it translates into a message by the top management race/gender, etc is more important than merit and performance. This can be really frustrating. In our industry, discrimination in the workplace often demotivates the employees which acts as a major hindrance in the growth of the company as personal prejudices do not go beyond the viability of the company.

1. Your integrity is at stake:  

There will be times wherein you will have to take decisions that unethically impact another group. Or times you want to stop the wrong-doing and bring sense to all. Example: Selling a hazardous product that can cause death in the long-term or falsely accusing someone for company benefit. If deep down, you feel uncomfortable doing   Along the way, often people forget that personal and professional ethics matter more than money. The way a person responds to a situation reflects his true character. If you find yourself in questionable circumstances more often than you would like, maybe you should put out your resume in the market.

2. Unexpected Firing:  

In the case of where the CEO of the company fired almost 900 people over a zoom call, (and 3000 others, over a bank notification about the severance paycheck), it is observed that unexpected layoffs build fear. Rather than completing the work, the employees will be in constant confusion of whether they will come next in that line which would lead them to work very inefficiently.

3. Sudden skyrocketing in deliverables:

Have your targets jumped 40%+ compared to last year without a rhyme or reason. If you are not working in a high growth enterprise, chances are the company planning employee lay-offs in the light of impending recession. There is no harm in preparing for another job

4. Restrictions in personal Scope of Growth:  

Do you feel you have extracted everything from the job and there is no new bit left to learn? Learning and growing are great incentives because then you have something to look forward to, to get better at. When that scope contracts or remains same for extended periods of time, motivation to work further decreases which leads people to leave their jobs.

5. Cattle Class Politics:  

In the workplace, we observe that if the company goes on hiring people without giving attention to the rampant hiring, the team might feel insecure and the members might involve themselves in low-level politics.

The employees would feel unrecognized and the chain of command does not include them anymore. In the economy, more prominently the sales industry, more opportunities are given to deal-closers than slow-learners. All strategies are okay until they involve sabotaging team members' growth for personal benefits.

This absolutely should not happen as in the workplace, people should help their fellow team members in times of need.

6. No Recognition at work:  

Appreciation and recognition go a long way in maintaining love for what you do. Worse, someone else getting credit for the work you have done is a bummer. If team alignment is a long and a distant dream, employees wanting to leave the job as their ideas are not reciprocated as a part of the organization culture.

7. No feedback from fellow co-workers or bosses:  

If no one really cares about what they are doing, why they are doing and how they can help others get better by investing in them, you are probably stuck in the wrong place. Guidance and assistance from peers are necessary in the field of sales. Positive feedback and constructive criticism can actually polish your own skills and improve your chances of success.   If this sounds alien and impossible to you, maybe you want to explore working in a place where this is acceptable and encouraged.

8. Change in personal well-being:  

A sales job can cause massive pressure to people. The worry of meeting very strict deadlines, pitching the idea to a potentially important client, an excruciatingly long sales cycle, the pit in the stomach at cold-calling dramatically changes one’s personality. If you are uncomfortable or it’s just not what you are – maybe sales profile is not your perfect fit.  

9. No Incentives:  

There is no commitment to reward outstanding performance in the organization you are employed in. There is also no talk of any promotion coming along your way irrespective of the fact that you had negotiated under difficult circumstances and persuaded very high-level buyers. Lack of recognition contributes to stagnation and your life suddenly becomes ‘Fight Club’.

Before leaving your job, there are an uncountable number of factors that you have to keep in mind. Figuring out your expenses for the next 6 months, developing a skill other than sales so that if one does not work out, you will always have something to fall back on, always goes a long way. Finance, interests and intuition will be the vital factors in your decision, so choose smartly.  

Sales is a cut-throat role where competition is very intense and this has an adverse effect on people. This should not demotivate you and we appreciate your commitment to come thus far in your sales career. Thank you for being with us and should you decide to level-up your sales game, check out our other blogs.

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