The Secret of Social Media: Drives 20% More Sales

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You all have been using social media to connect with your prospective clients and expand your business. According to a recent report, 94% of companies are using social media sales or, in other words, social selling, which is a strategy of connecting with your prospective clients using social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

But do you know how you can make use of social media to drive sales? Here are a few simple and amazing steps to give a boost to your sales and revenue growth.

1. Be where your audience hangs out and stay consistent

Try to do research and identify the platforms where your target audience hangs out. Nowadays, people are available on all social media platforms. And out of all of them, LinkedIn is the one used most by people for sales and marketing. You can post blogs, stories, and posts, reply to the comments, connect with your prospective clients, etc. Be consistent with the frequency of posting content. Try to make a schedule of posting and publishing content on social media and stick to that. For instance, you can post blogs every week, post Instagram stories daily, etc. Be it Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, share something every day. Also, try to post a variety of content. Post videos, memes, articles, etc.

As you know, memes are highly encouraged by people nowadays. So, you can post memes regularly. Create memes on trending topics related to your product or industry. This will increase the reach of your content to your target audience, and thus, your chances of driving sales increase.

2. Social media boost

Boosting social media is a marketing strategy to make your post reachable to the target audience. This tactic has helped businesses increase their sales up to 25%. The reason behind this was that their posts were visible to more people. The secret is displaying sponsored content on the non-followers timelines. Businesses pay for their posts to be seen by more people, regardless of whether they follow their page or not. Social media platforms also have an option to promote ads so that you can go for that too. Investing in promoting your ads and posts is very beneficial in driving sales. An expansion in the number of people viewing your content means an increase in the chances of more sales.

3. Social media reviews

According to a recent report, 80% of the customers read social media reviews for a product before purchasing it. Reviews are a sign of trust for your prospective clients. They prefer online reviews over personal recommendations and trust these reviews more than anything. If your business has online reviews on social media for your product, it drives three times more sales.

4. Keywords and hashtags

You can search for keywords and hashtags related to your product and industry and use them while posting relevant content. Nowadays, these keywords and hashtags are used in other ways as well. While looking for these keywords and hashtags, you will also find some genuine posts of your product by your happy customers. You can share these posts on your different social media profiles as this adds credibility to your brand. You can also encourage them by offering some gifts or a discount on their next purchase. People post about gifts also on social media nowadays, which, in turn, promotes your brand.

5. Turn your loyal customers into brand advocates

You can ask and try to convince your loyal customers to promote your brand on social media. In return, you can offer them goodies and a special discount. This is also a great way to promote your brand and hence, drive sales.

Brilliant Sales Promotion Examples

Listed here are some compelling sales promotion examples.

  • Giveaways

  • Flash Sales

  • Buy one, get one free

  • Free trial

  • Cashback on first purchase

  • Selling products as a package for a discounted price

  • Discount coupons

Hence, these were some most effective ways of using social media to drive sales. First, you just need to identify where your target audience hangs out and make sure that your product is evident to your target audience.

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