Grow your Small scale Business with CRM

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CRM can make your business to grow better. A survey shows that 47% surveyed companies ensure that their employees use a CRM to boost their productivity and take quicker decisions.

Why CRM?

Research says that 8 in every 10 small scale business owners, find it challenging to stay organized. While small scale business owners understand the importance of being productive, they do not have the initial investment to invest in a fancy CRM. Google Sheets and Notion Templates related to CRM are great way to get started for free and keep your data organized. However, it gets really challenging when the you have to reach out to 100’s of people everyday - your customers, your potential employees, potential customers, the accountant etc.

Why CRM now?

As your company grows,  more people get connected with your business. So streamlining communication from the company, needs a proper system in place.

Key insights are hiding in emails, lost around in diaries or on Post-it notes, leading to breaks in  customer-interaction. This can negatively impact your business. Well, a CRM is to your rescue. Not only do they boost sales productivity, shorten sales cycles but also make the entire process seamless and fun.

5 key features of CRMs

Better knowledge of your customers

As the entire information of every contact is available on a single click, every  person from the organization is empowered with the same data that he needs to close the customer. By ensuring easy access to information, a CRM system gives your business development team a competitive advantage. They can update the databases to include customer’s name, email id, etc the call summaries of interactions made, the country they belong to, and even their birthdays. (PS: external integrations may be required, but using the Tags feature of the CRMs, this is a cakewalk)With all this information available , you can personalize efficiently. Secondly, the CRM can be a storehouse of all interactions, activities, that a contact has ever been involved in. In other words, a CRM system allows you to know better who your customers are and what are they looking for.

Better segmentation

The CRM is the best solution for creating segments, no matter how easy it may be. A CRM can help you segment customers and prospects into target audiences.

With CRM, you can break down lists and customer data by categories, actions, and criteria. This allows you to create well-focused customer marketing campaigns that are targeted towards the customer specific needs. Brands can rely on well-organized data to help analyze their sales process or lead pool. One of the major functions of a CRM system is to help marketers engage targeted customers, new ones, or on the fence customers. A good CRM system tracks prospects and let you know who’s hot for your product versus who is not and what to do differently.

Better customer retention

Not only are CRM's great for your potential and new customers, but they are also a great way to keep current ones happy. They provide an advantage in knowing your customer base better, really honing in on their needs, and using that data to their maximum potential.

A CRM system will remind you about appointments and follow up emails when it’s appropriate. It can also help you keep your promises by reminding you about them. CRMs can also prompt you to reach out to contact those customers who have not been contacted in a while, and feel neglected.

The report by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company states that instead of spending a lot on customer acquisition, it is better to keep your current customers happy and acquiring new ones for your business.

CRMs sustain the interest of your customers by sending them email campaigns or post-purchase surveys so you know when to send emails to your customer, like after a free trial offer.

Better anticipation of needs

Utilizing CRM software can improve customer experience, increase efficiency and lead to better sales. For example, retailers can recommend items based on a customer's purchase history and cross-sells for products that are related or complementary to an initially purchased item.

CRM helps salespeople sell more and sell faster because it is the access to customer interaction through the entire journey that allows sellers to anticipate needs.

A CRM system can be an indispensable asset for any business that wants to provide excellent customer service. CRMs allow for uninterrupted tracking and access to customer history, which is otherwise difficult to find if it isn't being managed by a reliable CRM system.‍

Salescamp CRM

Naah, not trying to blow our own trumpet. But www.salescamp.app gives you a stunning customizable sales suite to drive growth at every stage of the sales cycle. It has best-in-class design.

  • The lead collection becomes easier by integrating any applications with Salescamp and collecting accurate leads quickly and securely.

  • Communicate easily with your team and customers directly from the CRM to save your time. c)Assign activities or tasks to your teams and manage leads smartly to get success in business deals.

  • Manage your accounts with advanced filtrations and automation.

  • Track your own sales data with your dashboard and make perfect decisions. Track all your sales activities in one place and identify the better customer for your business. Reach the maximum customers by connecting with them using inbuilt Calls & SMS.

  • Limited Integrations like Zapier, Linkedin, etc More integrations in process.

  • Since new on field, relatively unheard compared to other CRMs.


It has a 14 day free trial

The pricing starts at 9$/month/user

Monday CRM

monday.com is a process management tool that functions very well as a basic customer relationship management (CRM) solution, largely due to its vast library of ready-made templates for nearly any standard CRM work flow.

  • New users can kick-start their workflows and automation with ready-made templates.

  • monday.com

  • Manage your resources better with tools by understanding your team's workload.

  • This CRM is  actually charging more for the same tools available in other websites for free.

  • This website doesn't have a strong customer support.

  • Its self help tools and instructional videos are below average, but that is something that will improve over time(which is also true for Salescamp)


it has a 14 day free trial

the pricing varies from $8-11/month according to the subscription.


Salesforce is a gigantic customer relationship management software solution that can help businesses of all sizes automate their sales processes. This solution offers crucial features like lead and contact management, opportunity management, workflow automation , reporting and dashboards, and a mobile application.

  • It offers a vast variety of management

  • A good customer support

  • Comes with a cool mobile app (which is also available for Salescamp)

  • It requires extensive training and dedicated personnel to manage it

  • Tends to crash when encountering large sets of data

  • User experience for an average is quite complicated


It offers a 14 days free trial

Price varies from $50-100/month  according to thsubscription  please update

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot offers a free CRM option that includes features like contact management, reporting dashboards, and messenger integrations.

  • HubSpot makes it easy to manage when it comes to dealing with previous and current clients.

  • Everything is stored in their CRM, which allows you to pick up on a client right where you left off.

  • The best feature is knowing when exactly a client has opened emails,.

  • Content management is great

  • The amount of training necessary for some of the functions is annoying

  • There should be a way for everyone to have permissions to create their own dashboards in a company.

  • It can get expensive very quickly


It offers a free CRM

The subscription starts from $50/month


it delivers solid features and you can store data for an unlimited number of contacts on every plan with prices starting from as little as $13.50/month.

  • Manage your email marketing strategy from OnePageCRM with custom templates and personalised messages.

  • Send emails in bulk with customised details and personalised messages to avoid spam folders.

  • Maximise sales and cut out the manual workload of closing deals.

  • No drag-and-drop email builder for creating visual templates

  • Limitation on sending automated emails

  • Complicated interface


Price starts at $13.50/month


Investing in a CRM is huge commitment in terms of time invested, costs, etc. Thus, it is a wise decision to understand the actual needs , exploring free trails and then deciding which one actually works best for your business needs.

Unlock your sales productivity


Drive More Pipeline

Close more opportunities

Achieve Revenue Goals

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The average sales rep spends 60% of their time on non-selling activities. Salescamp helps sales people sell more without spending more time on non-selling activities