Four ways of increasing the sales productivity

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How productive your sales representatives are?

Are they distributing their work bucket in a way where they can increase their productivity, or do they engage themselves more on the tedious and non-productive work?

These questions should arise in the mind of every individual or company owner, and they should come up with ways to increase the sales productivity of their sales teams. 

For example, your timesheets might show that sales representatives are putting in extra hours but what matters a lot is whether the sales targets are met and whether you are improving the sales representative's productivity month by month, which will increase the company's revenue.

These four tactics will surely help your organization in increasing sales productivity in some of the other ways.

1. Research → Implement → Improvement

Research about the top business strategies suitable for a sales team to reach their business goals and at the same time how that will increase the productivity of your sales representatives. Ground knowledge about the business you are in is the first essential step in enhancing the execution of your business

Once you have researched sales and have a solid ground knowledge, it's time for the team to start implementing the strategy and practice it until it doesn't give the desired result. Or, if the plan fails, go back to the research stage. 

And if some improvements in the existing strategy work out, then opt for the improvement stage. But, again, it prompts me of a quote that I can relate to increasing the productivity of a sales team. It depicts, "Try and Try until you succeed…."

2. Use technology for scheduling

Why do they work manually while technology is already giving the solution?

When one innovative tool makes your work easy and faster, the intelligent decision is to go with that tool and focus on your sales and revenue. For example, many applications help you schedule meetings and calls and reduce your workload as a sales representative. One example of such an instance is the Outreach meeting. 

It aids you in scheduling your meetings with the prospects. And it also presents a round-robin method that assigns the meetings to different sales representatives at different instances, which is in a way helping an organization to increase the sales productivity of all your sales representatives.

3. Team Culture and Team Work

Culture followed in your organization has a significant impact on the productivity of your team. Therefore, culture is exactly proportional to the productivity of your team and the success of the company. 

That's why Simon Sinek writes this,

"Consumers will only love a company if the employees love it first."

Teamwork also influences your productivity. Teamwork means not just dividing the work but assigning the work to the right people and help every member to reach the goal and, in a way, increasing the revenue for the organization.

This will make sure that the team environment is positive and will increase the productivity of the team. This method is applicable for all the teams and not specifically for your sales team.

4. Focus on business

The last stage of every task is to generate revenue. A study suggests that salespersons spend less than 36% time selling and less than 18% on CRM.

If sales reps focus is on time-consuming tasks like manual sales entries, meeting every prospect individually, then increasing the productivity of your sales reps and generating revenue for your organization halts in with a question mark. 

However, every task has some business reason attached to it, and the use of the proper tool at the right time will fulfill all the business requirements and, at the exact moment, make your work easy and fast.

Implementing one of the above ways will help an organization in increasing their sales team's productivity. You can even go with a mixture of different ways depending on your requirements.

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