Email Tips To Help Close A Deal

5 Ways to Improve Your Business with email closing

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Suppose you present a pitch deck and complete the whole pitch finely but forget to give it a proper conclusion, so will it be effective? No right? The same goes for the Emails!!

No matter how great you have presented, if you can't make it engaging and compelling for users, in the end, you can't expect your desired CTA. In addition, your email closing is your last impression which would be remembered explicitly by the concerned person, so make sure it's worth remembering.

Why is proper Email Closing important?

Email Closing is crucial as they are the last eye-catching factor for any reader. Most of the time, it is the decision-maker for most people. It can either win or bust the deal. As per the study and statistics, Emails with the proper closing tend to get a 62% response rate, while the one missing has a 42% probability. And who doesn't want to hear back!

3 top things that you must know before approaching a prospect!

  • What is their business about?

  • What are the solutions they are looking for?

  • What are their goals?

  • How can your product or service aid them?

  • Will it add value to their business?

How to write a great email closing?

 Email closings are those last few lines of an email that often include a polite signoff and a request for a response. So below are the few everyday things that we should pay attention to:

Don't forget to add a CTA.

A CTA ultimately tells the reader what needs to be done if the one is interested. It guides the reader and aids in conversion. Without a proper CTA, it isn't evident for a reader to take action. For example: Suppose you get a voucher from a company about the sale, but they forget to add the date. In such a case, you will be perplexed about the next step. The same happens without email closing.

Make it as quick as possible.

In this fast-paced world where one average gets 50 emails a day, it becomes pretty challenging to follow up. Your client doesn't have so much time to dedicate to you, and if you are going to ask them for a demo or webinar or something time-consuming, there is a probability that they will straightforwardly reject it. So now, what to do? Make it simple. Keep it as fast and reliable.

Develop a trust factor

If you think you will start your product or service marketing immediately and get a response, then sorry to break your bubble, but it's not happening. Unless your prospects know you, they won't trust you and do you think anyone will buy from someone who they don't even know.No right. So start with a conversation and gradually take it forward. And once you feel that the client is pretty comfortable, go with the marketing offers.

Don't fear rejection.

Well, sales and market is always a try-test deal. You are never sure about the uncertainty. There is a probability that you will hear no more frequently. So instead of focusing on closing a client at first cold email, keep your focus on figuring out whether you fit their needs or not.

Always keep a habit of adding an email signature.

Email Signature is a perfect CTA to a cold email. Why? Because it tells who you are, what your designation is, which organization you belong to, sometimes it includes your website link even. So it's a significant way to start a good customer relationship. Furthermore, it is more professional and leaves a good impression.

Best Email Closings!

I think a call would be the best fit to discuss further? Can you please let me know when you will be available for a discussion?

In this closing, our primary purpose is to call the client for further discussion. By asking for the time, one here encourages the audience to reply to something at least.

Have you ever tried the software to ease[problems specific to your audience]?

In this closing, we are trying to seek information from the client regarding their previous experience. This would help us to solve clients problems and would tell us how to proceed.

We have a complete free guide to assist you in that process. Would you like to try it out?

Here we are trying to seek the client's attention with the free guide. There is a probability that as compared to paid resources, people are more likely to prefer free resources. So offering a client the free guide can be a good option. Because it would grab their attention, make them feel worthy and will be helpful to them. And if they find it beneficial, they will share it with others too, which is the cherry on the cake.

Email closing is as important as your subject line or the body, so frame it accordingly. However, it would be more considerate if you could add a touch of personalization. For example, if you have written a blog or article on a particular topic and the client is dealing with the same business problem, you could attach it in the email signature.

I hope the above points will aid you to achieve better results. For more help, feel free to reach us from the contact section. Also, if you want us to write on a specific sales issue, write to us, and it will be our pleasure to talk about that.

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