Calendly is a no-hassle, no-fuss scheduling solution for anyone who needs to collaborate with others. It's lightweight, simple, and easy to use. It takes all the pain out of scheduling and makes it easy for everyone to see what's coming up and where. It's the most effective way for the sales team to connect with leads and team members.

Use Cases

  • Create contact activities in Salescamp for new Calendly events.

  • Create Salescamp deals from new invitees in Calendly.

  • Create a Salescamp deal for new Calendly event invitees.

  • Add or update Salescamp's contacts for new Calendly invitees.

  • Send new Calendly meetings to GoTo Meeting, Google Calendar, and Salescamp.

  • Create Salescamp contact for new invitee created events in Calendly.

  • Create Pipeline activities for invitee created events in Calendly.

  • Record new Calendly events as there are changes in contacts activities in Salescamp.