Basics of Access and Permission

Access in collection

Make your teams' work effective by providing access, There are different sections for which you can provide to your team member like ContactsEmails, Companies, Deals, Other collections, Reports, Automation, Task.

For Companies, deals and other collections, you have the below accesses

  • Owner Access: The owner's default access is one can edit or delete the collection they created and the contacts that they have been assigned.

  • All Access: Members can edit, delete and export the leads detail in Salescamp for all collections.

For Emails, Task and Automation you have two access which is Owners and All where you get to choose if the member can edit or delete, or can do both and you can give access to your team member if they can see the reports or not

Please note only the admin of any workspace can provide access to others.

To learn how this works, go to Collections.

Access in Emails

One can provide access to their email to other members as well and by this, they can see the email thread can respond to emails with one shared inbox. To learn how this works, go to Email Sharing.

Access to Workspace

One can provide access of their workspace to the team. If they become the admin of that workspace they will have the authority to grant or revoke any access in that workspace. Learn how to give access to any Workspace.

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