Migrate from ActiveCampaign

Contacts and Account

To export your contacts and Account from Active Campaign to Salescamp, log in to your active campaign account, go to Contacts, and select account. You will get an Export button on the top right side of the screen. Name your file and select the fields you want to export, and once the export is ready, you can go to Exports and download the same. To export the contact, follow the same method.

To upload the Active Campaign file into salescamp, review your Salescamp company collection attributes to see if it consists of all the required fields. If not, customize the same.

To Customise, follow the below steps:

  • Go to settings, click on customize, and select the collection you want to export.

  • Scroll down and add a field in the relevant section with the suitable data type. For example., continent will be added under the Address section as a Single-line text data type; mobile will be added under the Basic information section as a phone data type. If any field consists of alphabets and numbers, it will be added as a Multiple Line text data type.

  • After adding all required fields, click on save in the upper right corner of the Customize page.

Once you have added all the fields in Salescamp, you can import the file Pipedrive file.

  • Go to any of your collections.

  • Click on ⋮ symbol in the upper right corner, click on import, select the collection you want to upload your leads in, and choose your CSV or Excel file.

  • Select and check the field mapping, for example., if you have a column of continents then map the field with continent in Salescamp.

  • Then click on import, and you are done


To export deals, go to deals and click on the settings symbol on the top left, and click on Export. Download the exported file by going to settings, then Import/Export Status and you will get the Download button beside the file you want to export.

Follow the above method to upload the same in Salescamp.

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