Working with Collections

Collections handle your leads and the stages that your deals are on. It segments your leads and deals in a specific way for better handling.

Create a new collection

Click on + next to collections in the sidebar to create a new collection. First, name your collection, then select the collection type you are making. Click Save.

Now you can import data into this collection.

Import your data

Import your data in bulk to avoid adding multiple contacts manually. Load your pre-existing data in Salescamp with a single click.

To import data:

  • Go to any of your contacts.

  • Click on symbol in the upper right corner, click on import, select the collection you want to upload your leads in and choose your CSV or Excel file.

  • Select and check the field mapping, click on import, and you are done.

Add attributes

Add attributes in the contacts' description according to your business requirements. To add go to Settings, click on customize, go to the collection you want to add attributes to, and click on add field, select the type of field you are adding. Edit the Label, click on save and click on save again in the upper right corner of the Customize page.

Filter your collection

The filter works like a tool that helps you view the leads per your preference. For example, if you want leads only from the US, you can create and customise a filter that will separate your leads coming from the US. Learn more about filters.

Share and collaborate

Make your teams' work effective by providing access to a specific collection for a particular task. There are two different accesses one can provide:

  • Owner Access: The owner's default access is one can edit or delete the collection they created.

  • All Access: Members can edit, delete and export the leads detail in Salescamp for all collections.

Learn more about sharing collection.

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