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Power up with the CRM built for (and by)
remote salespeople

Innovative sales leaders were embracing the freedom that came with remote work before the pandemic.

If you’re a sales manager in charge of guiding and training a remote sales team for the long-run, there are countless benefits to reap when you trade in your office hustle - especially with Close in your corner.

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Local touches on a global scale

While your sales team is distributed, you can still sell like you have boots on the ground. Use local phone numbers and a native Zoom integration to sell like you’re right next door.

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Seamless communication across any time zone

From emails to call recordings, Close logs every touchpoint with your leads in a single timeline. Your entire team maintains a complete, real-time view of every deal—giving them the power to jump in at any point to close deals without losing precious time.

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Salescamp CRM acts as a single solution to run your entire Agency

Customized Pipelines

Customized Pipelines

Don’t let your laptop or desktop hold you back. Access all functionalities of an agency CRM from anywhere,...

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Insightful Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Choose from a host of apps like Zapier, MailChimp, Segment, and Google Apps for work to integrate with your CRM...

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Qualify leads with lead scoring

Rank your leads as hot, warm, or cold and assign scores for each lead depending on how they engage with your business...

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If your CRM is a wheel, the apps you integrate into it are the spokes that support it.

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