Best Mobile Application for on-site and remote Sales team

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Does your team work on-site and have a tough time updating the CRM?

Are they constantly on the move and cannot make time to organize the data?

Are you losing out on sales because of this?

Not anymore.

Today we are talking about the mobile application of Salescamp CRM that is about to manage your contact database like a superhuman, from any time, anywhere.

Salescamp CRM helps you organize, engage & follow up all at your fingertips.

Salescamp has 3 main functions for the on-site team members,

  • it reads your existing and potential customers (using Tags),

  • manages the relationships with them (through in-call and email sync) and

  • allows you to assign the contact to your team member on a specified follow-up date.

Let me elaborate you how it works.

First, you’ll download Salescamp CRM from the Apple app store or the Google Play store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, import your contacts, sync it with your email and add a phone number.

Then use Salescamp right away to create a database based on geography, no. of employees, Job title, tag your team members to collaborate and hustle. With integrations with LinkedIn, Zapier, Mailchimp, etc., creating a database is got a lot more easier.

The best part is that when you log in again, Salescamp will tell you what is on your plate today, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Once you’ve got all of your contacts loaded in, you can easily search through your contacts by job title, location, company or position or any filter that suits your needs.

So that was the organization part; let me show you how Salescamp helps you engage with your contacts.

It helps you to do call-recording, writing call summaries on the go, send emails, saves templates, set a signature, etc.

This happens in a couple of different ways.

You can set reminders to call people; for example, if you want to call this person a month later, you can set yourself a reminder within Salescamp to call him on that specific date.

You can also write notes about each call, so you can quickly remind your teammates of what you talked about in the last call before you call them again.

The data inputs enable timely Sales Reporting features, which help the executives make data-driven decisions confidently.

So if you are ready to actually improve the productivity of your sales team, then you’ll definitely want to check out Salescamp.

PS: Alternative mobile applications are:

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    The average sales rep spends 60% of their time on non-selling activities. Salescamp helps sales people sell more without spending more time on non-selling activities